Complimentary M&A Integration
Strategy Consultation

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Find Out Why People And Culture Can Make Or
Break Your M&A Deal (and what you can do about it!)

Linley Watson is Australasia’s authority on M&A culture integration. She is highly sought after by senior leaders to help drive major organisational change at different phases of the deal, from due diligence to post merger integration. Sometimes Linley and her team are engaged years after the deal if there is a culture clash that is still stifling performance and negatively impacting results.

In her role as CEO of Peak Performance International (PPI), Linley aims to ‘humanise the M&A experience’. She has seen firsthand the damage that a poorly conceived and executed deal inflicts on all those involved, as well as the massive benefits that a well-planned and implemented deal can achieve for staff, customers and shareholders alike.

This is an opportunity to benefit from Linley’s expertise and knowledge.
If you’re an executive responsible for the outcomes of your merger or acquisition, you can’t afford to underestimate the human aspects of the deal.

A no-obligation, confidential discussion with Linley will test your thinking and offer a fresh perspective on what you can do to maximise the likelihood of M&A success.

Anyone who has led a merger and acquisition knows that there is a massive difference between doing the deal and making the deal work. A consultation with Linley Watson will help you protect your reputation and deliver results from your M&A deal that go far beyond the numbers.

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