Peak Performance M&A Services

Usually a merger or acquisition starts out as a financial proposition but once the deal is done it becomes a human transaction. The way people behave will be the primary determinant of how well the financial proposition pays off.

Peak Performance can provide the expertise and tools to support leaders throughout the challenging and often stressful M&A process, from due diligence through to post settlement integration.

Our M&A services include:

  • Executive strategy sessions to determine the new big picture, define the desired cultural landscape, build trust and alignment within the leadership team.
  • Planning to guide the implementation process, offer an objective viewpoint and presence, so your executives can stay focused on their day jobs.
  • Culture assessment that outlines the key similarities and differences between two or more organisations, and identifies strategies for aligning and developing the united organisation’s culture, values and behaviours.
  • HR audit to understand current policies, procedures, practices and systems.
  • HR/OD/Change management consulting to support your internal team to make informed people related decisions and effectively manage the change process.
  • Profiling of executives and key team members to understand what makes them tick as individuals and as a team, to determine the best fit for key roles and how best to retain and motivate those you want to stay.
  • Communication plans and programs that inform team members of what’s happening, to reduce uncertainty, engage their support and help speed up the transition period. Preparation of external communications to proactively engage with stakeholders.
  • Management team training in M&A culture integration – what is expected of leaders, cultural insights, practical advice on how to communicate effectively, lead through change, build resilience and maximise the chances of successful integration.
  • Training team members about what to expect, the new big picture – vision, values, behaviours, cultural perceptions and insights, coping with change, building relationships, creating more value for customers and so on.
  • Executive mentoring and coaching to support, guide and focus executives throughout the transition period and beyond.
  • Customer centric initiatives to strengthen relationships, focus sales and service staff and retain customers.
  • Customised programs to bring people and cultures together as one.

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